5 Tips for Styling Your Scrub Top Like a Pro

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To be truthful, one of the nicest things about being a nurse is that you get to go to work in your pyjamas. You don’t need to worry about what to wear or expend mental energy assembling the components. Simply get up, put on your scrubs, and get out. You give up some personality and flair when you wear a uniform, but we are all in agreement that the comfort it offers is great. We’ll walk you through the process of styling scrubs like the collared scrub top and address some of your often-asked issues, such as how to dress up scrubs whilst still looking put together and professional.

Suggestions for Stylish Scrub Wearing

1. Choose the Appropriate Size

You’ll look better and be more at ease throughout your shift if you wear a nice fitted pair of scrubs. Because different brands and designs have different sizes, check yourself and choose your scrubs appropriately.

2. Select the Scrub That Is Correct For Your Body Type

If you identify as either the light or the heavy type, don’t worry, guys and girls! If you are top-heavy and narrow at the hips, you can dress for success with deep V-necks and open-collar neck scrub tops in dark solid colours. They will reduce the size of your upper body. Conversely, if you have a large waist, go with long shirts which extend beyond your hips. Many sins will be covered by this. If your hips are large, stay away from wearing broad trousers. Additionally, it could be beneficial to wear gathered, smocked, & ruffled tops to provide volume to your body if you are a slender kind of nurse (for females). Stack your blazer, camisole, & scrub top for an even more solid appearance. These tips will guarantee that you’ll look amazing in your scrubs regardless of your body type.

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3. Select Colours That Make You Feel Good

Select colour scrubs that go well with your skin tone, hair colour, or eye colour when you’re given the option inside your unit or facility. If you’re unsure about the names of those hues, consider this: Which colour clothes do you generally choose to wear? Which hues get you the most praise?

Stylish Scrub Top

4. Put On Complementary Hues

Think about choosing the appropriate colour scrubs for your skin tone. Put the scrub up near your face to see whether or not a certain colour works for your skin. The scrub colour is appropriate for you if it adds a warm tone to your face. It is not the ideal colour for you if your face appears worn, pale, or exhausted in comparison to the scrub’s colour. The goal is to select hues which accentuate your features. Remember to consider your CLOSEST friends’ opinions if you struggle with self-judgment. They will undoubtedly offer you their most frank opinion!

5. Verify That The Tops And Bottoms Match

While you may still get scrubs featuring a variety of designs, plain colour scrub top styles are rather widespread. Consider wearing complementary colours, such as a black bottom and a blue top. Steer clear of combining two designs that clash, such as a bottom with flowers and a top with rainbows. Remember to follow the rules regarding uniforms by consulting your facility’s dress code.

Some Bonus Suggestions:

Composite Materials 

Have you ever noticed that the way you feel about your scrubs differs from the rest of your clothes? It’s not a coincidence. The majority of premium scrubs are constructed from fabrics that are water-resistant, breathable, & anti-microbial to keep you cool and safe while working. This also applies to your layering. Scrubs with permeable material layers that offer a certain amount of insulation are in style. It’ll keep you warm rather than hot.

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Assess the Temperature (From the Inside Out) 

The temperature inside is different from the outside temperature. As the temperature drops, observe how hot or chilly your building is. Certain establishments are as chilly as a freezer, whereas others are akin to saunas.  It will assist you in figuring out the number of layers you need and what to wear under scrubs.  

Put A Personal Touch On Your Workwear

You are still able to personalise your scrubs even if you purchase them from a store. Consider having your name embroidered on the side of your shirt for a highly distinctive look, even if this idea could feel similar to certain organisations. On one sleeve, you may optionally opt to have your initials or nickname embroidered in a different colour. Put your best pin on a shirt with a solid colour to make the solid colour stand out. As long as the pin fits your character, it is irrelevant if it has nothing to do with your line of work. There are several ways you may customise your scrub. 

Accessories That Fit The Seasons 

Take care not to overdress, particularly in the autumn.  It’s simple to overdress for the brisk autumnal mornings and nights. To keep comfortable if the weather heats up in the afternoons, make sure that you can effortlessly take off or modify your layers as needed during the day.  

Final Words

Finally, it is always necessary to wear your scrub with a suitable mindset, regardless of how comfortable it may be. Having a positive outlook makes it easier for you to handle stressful situations at work. Additionally, having self-confidence can positively impact your career and leave you more fulfilled, successful, and brighter.

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