A Comprehensive Guide On Car Shipping Calculator

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Car shipping is a challenging and stressful process. You need to know how the car shipping calculator works and how to get shipping quotes. You also need to understand that the car shipping cost is not fixed. It changes according to factors and seasons. This guide has covered all of this.

What is a car shipping cost calculator?

The shipping process is the way to know how much it costs to ship a car, and it will also help you generate car shipping quotes. Most auto transport companies provide a car shipping calculator on their website to help clients estimate auto transport costs. Car shipping cost calculators offer an instant free car shipping quote. You just need to enter your vehicle details, contact details, and the service you require.

Car shipping cost calculator calculation

Car shipping costs are calculated based on several factors, such as distance, vehicle model, date, and shipping time. Here, we have provided a process for car shipping calculators. It will help you calculate the shipping cost.

  • You must enter your pickup and delivery addresses; the total shipping distance is the major factor in calculating the shipping cost.
  • You need to enter the details of your vehicle, such as vehicle model, year, etc.
  • You need to enter the shipment date and time, and you can enter at your convenience.
  • Finally, you must enter your contact details, such as your phone number, email address, etc.
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Factors influencing the car shipping cost

When planning to ship your car, you may wonder how much it costs to ship a car from one place to another. Several factors affect the shipping cost, and you must consider them before shipping your car.

  • Distance

It is the most significant factor that plays a vital role in the shipping cost. If you are shipping your car long distance, the auto shipping company will charge based on the per-mile shipping rate, but short-distance shipping will cost less.

  • Car transport

The type of auto transport service you choose also affects the shipping cost. Open car transport is the cheapest option compared to enclosed car shipping, the most expensive mode of transport.

  • Shipping options

Shipping cost is also determined by the shipping options you choose between the door to door and terminal-to-terminal because door to door shipping is costly.

  • Date and time

The date and time of the shipping also affect the shipping cost. Transporting your car during the peak season, such as spring or summer, will cost more than the winter car shipping service.

  • Expedited shipping

If you choose expedited car transport, it will cost more than open and enclosed car transport and all other shipping services.

  • Route and location

Shipping your car to rural areas or areas with narrow roads where door to door car shipping services are impossible or restricted will cost more than in urban areas.

  • Addition shipping charges

If you are shipping your car with some of your stuff or a company offers an insurance coverage policy, it will cost more than normal.

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Types of shipping services

There are different types of auto transport services available, such as open and enclosed car transport. Open car transport is an affordable car shipping method, and even though experienced, enclosed car shipping is expensive car transport. When you choose the car transport type, you will look at this topic, and it will also help you to decide. 

  • Open car 

Open cat transport is the most affordable way to ship your car, and when you hire an auto transport company, they will transport your car safely. It is the best option for long-distance shipping, and your vehicle will be transported in an open trailer. However, there is the risk that your vehicle may get damaged in this open car transport.

  • Enclosed car

Enclosed car transport is a safe and secure option. It is the best option for long-distance shipments and for those who want to ship their classic and luxury vehicles.

How to get a shipping quote?

Getting an auto transport quote is easy, and if you want to transport your car, just follow the steps listed below.

  • You need to enter the code for the state you are coming from, going to(pickup and delivery location), etc.
  • You need to enter the vehicle details and contact details.
  • Pick up the car transport type you want and the shipping options for your car.

After following these three steps, you will get an instant auto transport quote.

How do you get quotes from the car shipping calculator?

  • The first step is to select a reliable car shipping company and want to research it carefully.
  • You need to choose the type of transport you need, whether an open or enclosed car.
  • Read the terms and conditions carefully and confirm the shipment date and time. 
  • On the day of shipping you need to get ready with your car and complete the inspection of your car.
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How can you find the cheapest way to ship a car?

Car transportation is a stressful process. When planning your car’s shipment, you must ensure that you choose the best and most trustworthy auto transport company. Here are a few points that will help you choose the best auto transport company and find the best and cheapest car shipping deal for your car.

  • If you want to save money and look for the cheapest car shipping service, you must choose open car transport because it is the best and most affordable.
  • You must ship operating or running vehicles because transporting non-running vehicles will cost more. Non-running vehicles need much more care and special equipment for loading and unloading.
  • You have to ask for the discounts.
  • You can book the shipment of your car during the off-season.
  • Ship all your vehicles on one trip with the help of open car transport if you have more vehicles.
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