Boost Your Hotel’s Profitability by Using Smart IP PBX Software

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If you are in the hospitality industry, then you must know how important seamless communication and adoption of advanced technology are to ensure smooth and efficient operations of hotels. As per a HotelTechReport research, four out of every five respondents said that technology would be a key driver for the success of a hotel business in the next five years.

Another study revealed that 63 percent of a typical hotel’s technology budget is dedicated to the maintenance of existing communication systems, 23 percent is for the rollout of new software, and seven percent is for research and development.

In such a scenario, IP PBX software and phone systems that are exclusively engineered for the hospitality sector can be the backbone for business communication in hotels and resorts. In this blog post, we will discuss how hotels can enhance their operations by leveraging the right IP PBX software. Read on and thank us later. 

Advantages of Sophisticated IP PBX Software in Hotels

IP PBX systems have come as a boon for hotels and the hospitality sector. Let’s take a look at various benefits they provide to the sector:

1. Streamlined Room Services

In the hospitality industry, there is this popular saying, “Great service doesn’t cost anything. Poor service can cost everything.” In the context of hotels, service means room service. Sophisticated IP PBX software not only streamlines room services but also makes it easier for guests to connect with the appropriate department quickly without having to navigate through complex menus or wait for a long time.

When hotels manage to provide streamlined room services by leveraging sophisticated features such as interactive voice response (IVR) systems and automated attendants, they not only manage to enhance the experience of their guests but also reduce staffing requirements and achieve much more cost savings.

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2. Enhanced Staff Communication

Just think of any reputed hotel. You will find that their employees are well-connected and they are constantly in touch with each other to provide exceptional service to guests and ensure smooth operations. That’s where sophisticated IP PBX software can be extremely effective in enabling effective communication among staff members and between different departments. Cutting-edge features such as mobile integration, presence indicators, and instant messaging enable employees to connect irrespective of their location on the premises.

When staff and employees can communicate seamlessly, they feel more connected with each other and the management team and are motivated to stick together for long. This can be extremely beneficial for an industry such as the hospitality sector, where as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics data, the annual employee turnover rate is 73.8 percent. Also, another study found that nine out of ten hoteliers said technology makes their teams happier.

3. Personalized Guest Experiences

Would you be surprised to know that a majority of guests would like hotels to customize and personalize services and offers to suit their preferences? Certainly not! That’s why the findings of the study are not surprising at all. It revealed four out of every five guests are more likely to book with hotels that offer personalized experiences and half of them are ready to share their data if they get a personalized stay.

Personalization is not only the key to creating memorable guest experiences but also to fostering superior guest loyalty. Equipped with an integration feature, sophisticated IP PBX software can empower hoteliers and staff to:

  • greet guests by name
  • personalize guest experience 
  • access guest information quickly 
  • anticipate their needs
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Personalizing guest experiences can have a huge impact on a hotel’s credibility. As per the ReviewTrackers survey, two out of five hotel guests are likely to write a guest review after a positive experience. Whereas, almost half are likely to write one after a negative experience.

4. Cost Savings and Efficiency

Traditional PBX systems (as well as analog phone systems) require hotels to shell out high maintenance and operational costs. It tends to be in the form of heavy upfront fees, substantial investments in hardware, maintenance and rental fees, and hiring a dedicated IT team. But with IP PBX systems and software, hotels don’t have to incur any such fees. As per data by 24/7 AI, hotels will save 38 percent in costs by switching from traditional systems to IP PBX.

With features such as call routing, call queuing, and conference calling, sophisticated IP PBX software eliminates the need for expensive hardware investments and reduces ongoing maintenance expenses. Based on a software-based platform, it allows hotels to handle a higher volume of calls with fewer resources.

5. Internal and External Calling

Sophisticated IP PBX software can enable users to make internal calls as well as outstation calls. That’s because it links various rooms together to the main switchboard. It can allow a call to be routed from a guest’s room to another phone on the same floor or elsewhere in the hotel. Apart from that, it can also allow outstation calls.

Outstation calling is an essential functionality of IP PBX systems. By leveraging the right IP PBX software, hotels can provide outstation calling services to their guests at all times of the day. Apart from that, they can monitor outgoing calls made by their guests as well as block unwanted calls.

6. Self Service Options

According to research, nearly three-fourths of respondents said they’re more likely to stay at a hotel that offers self-service technology to minimize contact with the staff and other guests. Another study found that 94 percent of business travelers and 80 percent of leisure travelers expressed interest in using mobile guest apps or smartphones to request service.

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That’s where sophisticated IP PBX software can help guests get answers to some frequently asked questions and resolve minor issues by themselves. It would not only save guests time but also help them become familiar with the hotel’s services. It will also make them feel more independent. As the popular saying goes, “Sometimes, self-service is the best service.”

7. Easy Payment

A Rapyd study revealed three out of every five guests would prefer to use contactless methods instead of cash. That’s why payment gateways can help hotels and staff to take guests’ payments and clear the transaction before other tasks such as checking out or printing a bill. 

But when it comes to actually using payment gateways, just about half of hoteliers presently use a third-party payment gateway to process payments, while two out of five use integrated payment processing functionality, revealed a study. Many sophisticated IP PBX software have best-in-class payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and CCAvenue, which enable guests to pay for their tariffs using credit cards, debit cards, and cashless payments.

Taking Everything Into Account,

As hotel businesses evolve and grow, their communication needs change accordingly. Sophisticated IP PBX software can enhance the flexibility and scalability of hotels and help them provide excellent service to guests and patrons.

If you are in the hospitality industry, then handpicking the right IP PBX software can mean the difference between success and failure. That’s why when choosing an IP PBX system, do thorough research and ask for free demos to make informed decisions.

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