Is There a Natural Cure for Sleep Apnea?

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Sleep apnea is a condition in which breathing pauses for a short period while you sleep. The frequency of breathing disturbances might vary depending on the illness’s severity. The body awakens in response to oxygen requirement, and while these short-lived episodes may not disturb your sleep, their frequency may.

Several natural remedies and lifestyle changes may help control the symptoms of this illness. Natural sleep apnea treatments may help reduce symptoms for those with moderate to severe forms of the illness, but they may not be able to completely cure them.

Losing Weight

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is the most common form of this sleep disorder, in which breathing becomes difficult at night because the upper airways narrow. Obesity is a major risk factor for OSA; it is estimated that over 70% of patients with sleep apnea are overweight. Your throat’s excess tissue increases the likelihood of blockage when your muscles relax while you sleep.

As such, the initial suggestion from your doctor will generally be to maintain a healthy weight while losing weight and keeping it off. Reducing weight may be sufficient for those with mild to severe OSA, negating the need for further treatments.

However, losing weight may mitigate the symptoms of OSA without treating it entirely. Recurrence of the symptoms may also be exacerbated by weight gain.

Upgrading Your Workout

The cornerstones of any weight-loss program will be a healthy diet and consistent exercise. Exercise, however, has advantages that go beyond weight loss.

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Moderate-intensity exercise improves sleep quality, but exercising too close to bedtime may have the reverse effect. Most of us would probably think of running, walking, or cycling, but there’s another kind of exercise that’s said to work wonders for improving sleep quality.

Yoga offers you energy, much like other types of exercise, but the breathing exercises help improve respiration and strengthen your heart. The interruption of OSA breathing lowers your blood oxygen levels.

By working out and improving your breathing, you may increase your blood oxygen levels and reduce the chance of waking up throughout the night.

Breathing exercises used in yoga may help promote calmness and relaxation. This serenity might enhance the quality of your sleep. Other calming methods that could help you fall asleep include reading, practicing meditation, or having a warm bath just before bed. Purchasing a high-quality duvet set with 200 threads is an additional choice that may improve comfort and encourage sounder sleep.

Modify Your Sleep Position

A 2006 research discovered that the sleeping posture affected over 50% of people with OSA. When you sleep on your back. The tissues in the throat may pull downward due to gravity, blocking the airways and aggravating OSA symptoms. As a result, shifting to your side and reducing your symptoms may help you feel better naturally.

You may use a wedge cushion to ensure that you remain on your side the whole night. There are also do-it-yourself options that prevent you from rolling onto your back. One of the simplest is to stuff a tennis ball down the bottom of your panamas. Your doctor can help you choose the best approach to avoid sleeping on your back if you mostly suffer symptoms of OSA when you do so.

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Changes in Way of Life

Your doctor will also talk to you about lifestyle modifications that may help to naturally lower your OSA symptoms and improve the quality of your sleep. The top two items on this list will be alcohol and tobacco. We will urge you to stop smoking since it might create irritation in your throat and increase the risk of airway blockage.

Alcohol may also trigger inflammation. But alcohol also relaxes the muscles in the throat, which makes a collapse more likely. Alcohol may induce over relaxation of the muscles since it is a depressive. This might also slow down your breathing, which would further reduce the quantity of oxygen reaching your brain.

It’s conceivable that your doctor would suggest that you limit your alcohol intake and avoid drinking in the few hours before bed.

Take Care of Nasal Congestion

Any airflow obstruction has the potential to exacerbate the symptoms of OSA. Nasal congestion and other sinus issues may make breathing harder already, and they might also make it harder to fall asleep. Using nasal sprays is one way to relieve congestion in the nose. Another is using a humidifier.

By adding moisture to the air, a humidifier helps reduce nasal discomfort brought on by dry air. Using a humidifier at night is another technique to keep your airways open and lessen nasal congestion. Patients with severe OSA who are prescribed CPAP often use a humidifier in addition to their machine to hydrate the air and prevent dry mouth in the morning.

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The judgment is yet out on some of the various therapies that may provide organic relief from the symptoms of OSA. Among them is acupuncture. A 2009 research that treated OSA with acupuncture saw a significant rise in blood oxygen levels.

Further research is required since, while acupuncture has shown some positive results, the studies have only included a limited number of participants.

Herbs have been used to treat a wide range of ailments, but as of right now, there is no evidence that they can be used to cure sleep apnea naturally.

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