The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Custom Flip Top Boxes

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If you have a brand business then you need a flip top packaging solution to meet the consumer requirements. If you have a unique product then you can use premium packaging to sell their products. The perfect way to display the premium product is custom flip top boxes without opening them. Premium products are always expensive and they are covered in premium packaging. 

When your products are on display, you want them to grab the attention of your target buyers and encourage them to buy. Therefore, display boxes can achieve this using innovative design and creative packaging. Display boxes, also called pre-glued boxes, counter display boxes, and similar folding carton boxes. Displaying your brand logo and other products in these boxes is an excellent way to advertise your business.

In this blog, we will discuss the flip top boxes that make your product more premium and unique and increase the brand visibility or identity.


There are a lot of ways to customize your design but here is a way to design your custom flip boxes according to your taste. Follow the steps: 

Size and Shape

It does not matter what you want but your need is kept in the eye to follow the standard sizes or unique shapes for custom flip top boxes.  This is best to your specifications and accommodation for various products and improving your presentation.

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Good quality material is very important for decorative flip top boxes because the material is the main power of every product. Some crucial things that are used in good materials like eco-friendly kraft paper, sturdy cardboard, or luxurious rigid cardboard, depending on your product’s needs and branding preferences.

Printing and Design

Printing and designing are important for their brand visibility and identity. It showcases their identity in a precise way and creates worth in the market in front of your competitors. Full color printing on business card boxes to precise color matching using CMYK or PMS options explore different printing techniques and design elements to showcase your brand effectively.


Finishing denotes your product ends the consumer, so that’s why it is important to use quality material like lamination, spot UV, foiling, embossing/debossing, or unique flip top box with magnetic closure like ribbons or magnetic closures, promoting the visual attraction of your packaging.

Applications of Custom Flip Top Boxes

Customize flip top boxes to find applications across different industries some are explained below;

  • You can use decorative flip top boxes for jewelry, cosmetics, candles, and baked items that help to display your premium product.
  • You can also use flip top gift boxes for birthdays, holidays, weddings, and other special occasions in the form of flip top boxes that make your style more premium.
  • Some brand businesses use flip boxes to run marketing campaigns and events to promote your better user experience.
  • It is useable as a Storage box for keepsakes, collectibles, and other valuable items that reduce your manual efforts. 
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Time To Display Your Product 

The lid of the flip top boxes opens to reveal the goods inside and closes again when you’re done. The product is visible to customers and easy to get out of the box. The box also protects your product from any damage, which makes it ideal for products that need special care, such as medication or food. Customized handle boxes wholesale are available in various sizes, designs, and styles. 

Therefore, customized boxes are manufactured from cardboard boxes or paperboard material. Some packages may be made of kraft paper as well. By adding the insert that goes inside them, these boxes can be used for multiple purposes. It is lightweight packaging, easy to open, and economical.

You can select the lid and base of the flip top boxes in various color choices and print them in different designs.

Choosing a Custom Flip Top Box Manufacturer

A lot of manufacturers in the market make custom boxes. You can design their unique style from the manufacturers. The important things that you need to focus like 

pricing, minimum order quantity, turnaround time, and design capabilities.

Choosing the right manufacturer is very tough in this competitive market but nowadays everything is possible due to multiple guidelines.  When you are choosing the right manufacturers then requesting a quote and discussing your specific requirements will help you find the right partner for your packaging needs.

After considering these factors and getting quotes from multiple options then you can find a flip top boxes wholesale manufacturer that delivers high-quality boxes that meet your budget and timeline.

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At the warm-up! When you are making custom flip top boxes then you need to focus on material quality or packaging which is important for every product.  Flip top boxes offer numerous benefits including protection, branding opportunities, and improved production. Invest in custom boxes to stand out in today’s competitive market and make a memorable impact with your packaging.

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