Understanding Planetary Transits in Astrology: How These Cosmic Events Affect One’s Life?

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Planetary transits refer to the planet’s movements through the twelve Houses of the birth chart, wherein each planet completes a full zodiac round. These play an important role in Kundali analysis and online astrology consultation. Some planets stay for a short while, while others linger for more extended periods. In this post, we will delve deeper into planetary transit in one’s birth chart and see how it impacts a person’s life.


Transits are movements of planets through the houses of a horoscope. When a horoscope is cast at the time of a person’s birth, it is a fixed natal chart of planets that occupy various Houses at that exact moment. However, the planets do not stop moving, and this movement through the fixed chart is called a transit. When going for an online astrology consultation, these transits of planets help determine a person’s horoscope.  

Significance of Planetary Transits in Astrology


Planetary transits in Vedic astrology are important because they can activate or highlight various issues, themes, or potentials within an individual’s life. The impact of transits is strongly felt when a transiting planet makes a direct aspect to a natal planet on the birth chart. Such an interaction brings about changes and events that influence moods and behaviours and shape personal growth and life experiences. 


For instance, mercury transits affect intellect, communication, and travel; Mars transits bring energy, confrontations, and drive, while Venus transits may influence relationships, love, and finances. The impact of these traits can be personal and transformative. Saturn’s transit often brings lessons in discipline and responsibility, thus urging the person to build stronger foundations. In contrast, Jupiter’s transit is associated with expansion and growth, often bringing in opportunities for the person. 

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How Do Planetary Transits Influence Birth Charts?


  • Planetary transits impact our actions, minds, and outcomes. The effects can be either positive or disastrous. The results cannot be generalised as a planet’s movement into one House can do well for an individual but can be catastrophic for another. 
  • Planetary transits work at multiple levels and can impact wealth, relationships, prosperity, and health. You also need to understand that transits have a say in about 25% of how Dasha’s fruit will be delivered to you. 
  • The transitist also controls your state of mind and decides your happiness index.
  • If your planetary transit is favourable, you could marry your dream partner, and if it is bad, you may end up marrying the wrong person. 


Birth charts are a snapshot of your whole personality. They give an idea of our moods, strengths, actions, weaknesses, etc., by determining where the planets are located in terms of the Zodiac signs. If a person feels a shift in their mood or behaviour, a planet may be transiting in one of the natal placements, thus prompting a change in energies. 


You need to know that planetary transits do not always have a specific effect on your life. Sometimes, they simply change the overall vibe of everyday life. This depends on which natal placements are being transited. For instance, if a planet is transiting your sun or moon, you may feel its influence more broadly across different areas of your life. If you are undergoing a Uranus transit, you will attract people of a Uraniun nature, i.e., people who disrupt the status quo, are unconventional, and open up new and exciting pathways. This means that monetary transits also influence who you meet and what you attract. 

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It is important to note that transiting planets behave differently. The inner planets, like the moon, sun, Venus, Mercury, and Mars, move through the signs relatively quickly. This means that their transits and effects are shorter. But if a slow-moving outer planet like Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto, or Neptune is transiting a natal placement, then you will feel the shift for much longer. 


One must keep track of one’s transits in order to understand how the planets affect one’s daily life. It is possible to find out about transit ahead of time by consulting with a reliable astrologer. Astrologers can inform you about important transits in the future. 


Does Transit Affect Everyone?


The plain answer is yes; planetary transit affects everyone. Here are some essential aspects to keep in mind:


  • Ketu and Mars are fiery planets with much heat and are the lords of the 1st and 8th houses of the natal chart. The 1st House represents health, fame and intellect, and the 8th House rules transformation and debts. 
  • Mars is exalted in Capricorn, which leads to extreme heat.
  • The 10th House is bars and Ketu’s natural directional strength. 


The Bottom Line


While some people feel at the mercy of the planetary transits, astrologers suggest that awareness and understanding of these transits provide an opportunity to align with their energies. Anticipating the challenges or blessings brought by the transits can help you make informed decisions and navigate life more easily.


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